Hoenn in Kanto is a simple hack of FireRed that replaces the Kanto gym leaders and Elite 4 with that of Hoenn's. All leaders and Elite 4 members have full teams of six Pokemon.

Feature BreakdownEdit

  • Hoenn Gym Leaders.
  • Hoenn Elite Four. (Blue's still Champion, though.)
  • New gym-leader related dialogue.

New Leader OrderEdit

Now, the leaders in Hoenn don't have the same typings as Kanto, so I designated type specialists for each gym. Some leaders may have been left out, but still.

Roxanne  - So, of course, Roxanne replaces Brock. They're both Rock type leaders. 

Wallace - Being a water type expert, Wallace takes over Misty's gym. 

Wattson - Replaces Surge because of same typing.

Wanda - Wanda is really chill. She's Wally's sister in the Hoenn games. You help her boyfriend meet her finally by using Rock Smash in Rustboro Tunnel. I picked her as a Grass specialist because she just fits, based on her demeanor and the town she resides in.

Tate & Liza - The twins replace Sabrina. Yes, a double battle like always. 

Courtney - Considering Team Magma using a lot of Poison types, this was a no-brainer. I love Courtney! 

Flannery - She's hot, isn't she? (That was a pun, a bad one.)

Maxie/Archie - I'm not sure whether it will be Maxie or Archie, but I do know Giovanni is still in the game. I'm not adding Team Magma and Aqua. I might change my mind, though.

Glacia - Hoenn's Ice Elite 4 member takes Lorelei's spot. 

Brawly - He really moved up, huh? He replaces Bruno here.

Phoebe - Phoebe, like Glacia, retains her Elite 4 status.

Drake - Drake is like Phoebe and Glacia, he replaces Lance however.


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None yet!