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Crystar800's Hub of Pokemon ROM Mods and other Pokemon - related work!

Have a Request?Edit

Drop a message on my talk page and I'll think about it! There will be a suggestion page soon, so be patient! There is a couple rules for suggesting though, so be sure to follow them! 

  • I will not do any overcomplex hacks that require bearing down into the coding and such.
  • I'm not a spriter. Don't expect me to add in sprites for your hack myself unless you provide them.
  • Don't suggest anything having to do with Chuck Norris, please. I really don't feel like breaking my PC.
  • Pokemon is Pokemon. I don't like crossovers like Nobunga's Conquest too much. I may do one, but you have to be really convincing...
  • Don't expect your hack to be done quickly. I do have other projects and a life. If you continously ask, I may drop the hack altogether.
  • If you're willing to collaborate with me on your hack, be my guest. Just don't expect me to do all the work or be able to work with your schedule.
  • I can't stress how important grammer is when suggesting/requesting. I won't even take you seriously if u rite liek dis.
  • Be nice as possible and don't take it hard if I don't accept!

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